(Inglês) Cientista descobre anticorpos contra COVID

A world premiere Erasmus MC and Utrecht University: they found an antibody against COVID-19. The scientific publication of the group of ten scientists is ready for assessment by the leading journal Nature.

Believe it or not, it was already there on the tenth floor of Erasmus MC: the antibody that is able to block an infection of SARS1 and SARS2. In other words, a first-ever antibody to the coronavirus. Professor of cell biology Frank Grosveld (71) keeps his cool: “I am too old to jump on a table.”

Since Thursday evening, the article by a team of ten scientists, of which Grosveld is a member, has been online on BioRxiv – a website biologists can publish their research before it will be assessed by the prestigious journal Nature. In the summary, the scientists describe an antibody to SARS2, the coronavirus causing the current pandemic (COVID-19). The antibody can help detect and prevent this type of corona infection. It is a world’s first...

Fonte: Eramus Magazine

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Data da notícia: 14/03/2020